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Welcome to the Asia Winter Sales Meeting (AWSM) hub. 


The Asia Winter Sales Meeting (AWSM) is your chance to get up-skilled and ready for the new season ahead.  Learn more about our products, gain skills for sales, experience classroom teaching, hear from customers, and more!


Here you can find the  AWSM Agenda , the list of  Live  and  Self-Study  learning items, the  Teams   page and  Your To-Do List  during the event.  We hope you have an awesome time at AWSM!





These are the sessions scheduled for everyone to experience live learning during AWSM. 

Orientation & Expectations

Our expectations: experience, share and learn from each other during the AWSM event. 

This is what you will do during AWSM:

  • Attend several live sessions from Asia and Global presenters

  • Learn from several self-study modules that you can go through at your own pace

  • Talk and share ideas with each other

  • Join a meeting with your Territory Manager or other leader to take the ideas you are learning and make them local for your own customers and market

  • Create a short video, as if talking with a customer, about some of the key aspects of our digital products and services

  • Earn points and recognition with your AWSM team!

Selling Digital

Ian Martin (Director of Global Marketing) and Andrew O’Shea (US National Sales Manager, NGL ELT) present an interactive session on selling using the IINPCS model.Come ready to learn from their ideas and examples.

 (Ian and Andrew headshots)

(link to Zoom session)

Model lessons

Join the Marketing team trainers for model lessons experiences where you get to take the student’s seat and enjoy our learning products from the inside.



(trainer photo like webinar)

(link to Zoom session)


Reach Higher


(trainer photo like webinar)

(link to Zoom session)


Time Zones 3rd edition


(trainer photo like webinar)

(link to Zoom session)


Welcome To Our World 2nd edition


(trainer photo like webinar)

(link to Zoom session)

Self Study


During AWSM, there are three main self-study areas for learning.  These are: the ‘Essentials’ playlist of short product presentations from our ; ‘Sales Skills’ presentations from external sales expert Phil Hesketh; and an OLP Walkthrough.

Sale Skills presentations

These presentations come from Phil Hesketh, an external sales expert and trainer.  If you are interested, you can find out more about Phil’s work here:

The Number One Question in Sales


<placeholder video 2>

<placeholder video 3>

<placeholder video 4>

<placeholder video 5>

<placeholder video 6>

<placeholder video 7>



Track the progress of your AWSM team here.  Remember, every day is your chance to be AWSM!


Your AWSM To-Do List

To help you keep track of what you need to do, here is a checklist that you can use during AWSM.

  • Attend ‘Orientation’ live session

  • Attend ‘Selling Digital’ live session

  • Do the ‘OLP Walkthrough’ self-study module

  • Do the 7 ‘Sales Skills’ self-study modules

  • Do the 9 ‘Essentials’ self-study modules

  • Attend ‘Time Zones 3rd edition’ live model lesson

  • Attend ‘Reach Higher’ live model lesson

  • Attend ‘Look’ live model lesson

  • Attend ‘WOW 2nd edition’ live model lesson

  • Record your individual Solutioning Project video

  • Submit your Solutioning Project video to the video submission page

  • Participate in the sales skills meeting led by your TM or other assigned leader

  • Attend ‘Closing’ live session

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