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Your Individual Recording Project

To help develop your digital sales skills, your task is to complete an Individual Recording Project.

(1)   Choose a customer situation related to a digital product need, either from your own

experience or using the Customer Voices videos (see below) for inspiration.

(2)   Make a 5 - 10 minute video where you offer a potential solution using the Online Practice (OLP) and/or Learning Management System (LMS) platform to the customer.  

Your video should be made as if you were speaking to the customer.

See an example here on the right side.

(3)   Upload the video using the icon on the right, before the end of Thursday, 1/28.


Notes to guide you in this task:

- You may record your video using your native language  (i.e., you DON'T have

to use English, but you can if you wish).

- You can record your video using Zoom (if you need assistance, ask!).

- You don't need to use a PPT, but you may want to take advantage of the

'screen share' function in Zoom to show visuals.

- As a suggestion, you can start your video by referring to the customer need.

- See the example video below to give you a model that you can base your video on,

- If you need more guidance or information, please ask!

Click this to upload your video

Model example


This is an example of the video you will make.  Here, we are showing myELT.  In your video, you should use OLP.

Trouble with steaming the videos?

Download from Dropbox here

China uses: access on Baidu Cloud here

Customer Voices

Customer Voices

These videos show small parts of authentic conversations with real customers.  They talk about some of their digital learning needs. 

You can use these as inspiration for your individual video project, or they may remind you of your own conversations with customers.  

Lon, from a large private language school focusing on young learners

Mary Ann and Ayumi, from a private language school

that does both online and offline classes

Stephen, a curriculum coordinator from a private language school

Tina, from the academic support team at a company

that operates many franchise schools.

Christina, from a large private language school that works with all ages

and is aligned closely with Cambridge English Qualifications.

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