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Let Your Students Reach Higherwith Language, Literacy and Content

Reach Higher

Content-based English is a style allowing second-language users of English to learn similarly to first-language students.  By considering 'Big Questions', using academic vocabulary, and developing academic and critical thinking skills - with appropriate bridging and support - in National Geographic Learning's Reach Higher series, students can achieve an education with English as the medium of instruction.

In this lesson from level 2, we look at where water comes from, and where it goes.  If your community doesn't have easy access to water, how does that affect the way you live?  If a new invention helps to give you better access to water, how does that change your life?  How do we use water, and how can we conserve it?  Join us to see how we can help grade 2 students at an ESL or first-language-English level learn the language and skills to explore these ideas together.


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